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4ArtistOnly: A Black Arts Mixer and Showcase (In-person) and Artist Development and Support (Virtual)

In-person events will feature opportunities for artists to build community and initiate collaboration, to have their individual artist story and wisdom collected through artist interviews, to engage in conversation to further the development of a Black Artist Community Coalition and showcase their art. 

Virtual Event will be hosted on Zoom and feature Artist Development Workshops, Equity and Belonging conversations, Bio & Artist Statement writing help sessions, Grant Planning and Writing Sessions, Co-working Sessions, and Skill Sharing.


Black Artist Community Coalition Artist Interviews

Inspired Child interviewed 20+ Black Artists in September 2022 and found a need and a desire for

  • A multigenerational Black Artist Community coalition across artistic genres where all members of our community belong.

  • A value based artistic practice that centers exploration, healing, joy, curiosity 

  • Freedom to explore ones art forms on their own terms

  • Consistent Opportunities to build relationships and community among black artist

  • Artistic Development and Collaboration

  • Mentorship, Apprenticeship and Skill Sharing

  • Grant and Funding Support

  • Raise awareness of existing Black Artist Collectives within the black artist community

  • Raise visibility of black art and artists in Seattle

  • Collective Events Calendar 

  • Collective Gig Board

  • Documentation of work

  • Media Archive

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